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Welcome to the NCCR Molecular Oncology

What is the NCCR Molecular Oncology ?

The National Center of Competence in Research (NCCR) in Molecular Oncology is a swiss network research program in the field of cancer research. The program is led by the Swiss Institute for Experimental Cancer Research at the EPFL in Lausanne in close collaboration with several partner institutes. The program is funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation.

The principal aim of the NCCR Molecular Oncology is to strengthen basic cancer research in Switzerland and to explore, in cooperation with partners in different university hospitals and the pharmaceutical industry, the possibilities for new cancer therapies that are opened up by the NCCR research projects. Through the NCCR program the Swiss National Science Foundation provides the means to build new bridges between basic and clinical cancer research.

Cancer cells are defective in basic processes controlling cell differentiation and proliferation, genome stability and programmed cell death. They acquire extra capacities to stimulate angiogenesis and to invade tissues. They can be distinguished from normal cells by the immune system, which - in principle - can destroy the cancer. The research projects of the NCCR Molecular Oncology focus on different aspects of the basic biology of tumor cells and the response of normal cells to cancer. Several research projects in external institutes and clinics, also in other parts of Switzerland, complement the research portfolio of this cancer research program.


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